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Our corporate conversions are always unique, whether you are looking for a mobile laboratory, an outdoor broadcasting unit, a travelling coffee shop - you name we have built it. During the pandemic we worked with community groups to help upgrade their meals on wheels delivery services making them more efficient allowing them to best serve their clients. Below you will see some of our builds but if you have an idea in mind get in touch and we can guide you through the right process for you.

OCEAN FM_edited.jpg
ocean fm 2.jpg


We worked with Ocean FM on their broadcast van. They wanted the room of a coach-built camper but without the camper internals. We had to create a lot of room so opted for an open plan space giving the DJ sufficient room to work. We also installed L shaped couches to the rear for doing interviews etc. The DJ desk was custom built once we got the system specifications as the technicians needed a practical desk space. The wrap really finished off the outside of this project and we installed a Fiamma side mounted awning also to have added cover when out broadcasting. We kept the table and overhead units for practical use.


This build was very unique. We worked closely with our client as when it came down to the practicalities of this van and our client’s input was very important. The aim of the vehicle was to facilitate the company with their commercial diving business. This van needed to support the divers while on the job. The van would be parked on a peer and divers would use the oxygen leads and tanks fitted in the back while another comms worker sat in the front looking at the cameras and keeping in contact with the divers. The van had to be able to run independently with the comms able to run for hours and we met this need through battery power and solar panels on the roof. There is a lot of equipment in the van so we fitted a security system that included 4 cameras backed up with a 2TB DVR, giving our client peace of mind with motion detection or activation alarms being sent straight to their phones. There was a lot of equipment installed in the rear of the van we used stainless steel products to minimize rust.

Mobile Water Testing Van

Here we have completed yet another bespoke conversion. A brand new 171 ford transit was delivered straight to our workshop from the factory. The build consisted of a camper in 1 half and a laboratory work space in the back. We converted the van so it was fully equipped with sleeping and cooking facilities, toilet and shower and it was built so it was completely independent for working on the road with a built in silent generator for 230v supply. Our client needed staff to be out in the field testing water in remote areas and we were delighted to be able to meet their needs.

Every vehicle has a story, and yours is one we want to hear. Check out our social media below to see some more projects.

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